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Silk Road Cipher
The famous novel “ Dream of the Red Mansions” depicts a lot about silk. Why did the author - Cao Xueqin spend so much time in depicting silk textiles as he was saving his words by deleting and amending his book for many times? Seemingly silk is irrelevant, in fact, the five families in the novel were closed related to silk industry. Secretary-General of Zhejiang Silk Culture Research Association, Visiting Professor of Suzhou University, and Chairman of WENSLI Silk Culture CO.,LTD Mr. Li Jianhua lectured at the CCTV-10 television programme Lecture Room, exploring the silk codes hidden in Dream of the Red Mansions, and tasting the silk culture flowing in between.
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    Legend of Silk Road Talk at Lecture Room
    The silk road is not buried over two thousands year of evolution ,because of the silk road, Chinese silk is known by the world, Chinese culture is known by the world, and the ancient oriental country is known by the world. Mr. Li Jianhua, President of Zhejiang Silk Culture Research Association and Chairman of WENSLI Silk Culture CO.,LTD, visited over ten cities along the Silk Road, reading literature of cumulatively more than 50 million words, travelled, questioned, reckoned without stop, and communicated with experts of all industries, and finally chose 6 silk treasures for the Lecture Room. By showing the silk treasures and explaining the myths, this magic Silk Road is recognized again.
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    Books about Silk
    As a pioneer of Chinese silk cultural creativity industry, Mr. Li Jianhua, Chairman of WENSLI Silk Culture CO.,LTD, not only spreads Chinese silk culture though by public media, but he also researches and writes books about silk, trying to tell the profound silk culture and history of China, by decoding the Silk Road from different perspectives, by editing detailed information brochures, identifying the unique vision of Chinese characters and telling ancient legends or stories.
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